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About stresan®

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The origin is the defining factor when it comes to horses and equestrian sand. Not just any sand will do – sand to be used as a horse riding surface requires very special characteristics.


Equestrian sand by Stremmer

As a family business, we have been extracting sand from our sand pits in Kirchhellen ever since 1938. But it wasn’t until some years later that we discoverd the unique characteristics of stresan® for equestrian sports. Its quality as an equestrian surface did not only convince riders from the near area, but also the professionals. The at the time world’s most sought-after specialist for equestrian arena surfaces and builder of the Olympic equestrian riding grounds, Hermann Duckek, made our stresan® widely recognised beyond the borders of Europe which would prove to be our breakthrough as a superior supplier of sand for equestrian sports. A history we are proud of.


Kirchhellener Sand

Silica sand exhibits varying characteristics depending on its region of origin. Due to the very geophysical influences that our stresan® has undergone, it has outstanding qualities as a horse riding surface. The fine stresan® grain-size curve creates an excellent water retention capacity and only compacts the sand to such an extent that it offers horses‘ hooves optimal penetration and stability. At the same time, our silica sand is able to dispel excess water across the surface, where infrastructure allows. For our customers we select the correct raw materials and prepare the sand for its demanding tasks. This includes not only manufacturing the optimal grain size, but also selecting and mixing the appropriate aggregates such as sieving material or fibres. Depending on the riding discipline it may also be necessary to mix in other types of sand.



Thanks to countless years of experience in the manufacturing process of equestrian surfaces we are able to meet the requirements of our customers’ many different needs. Quality is very important to us, so all materials for our horse riding surfaces undergo stringent tests to determine their effect on horses and the environment. We exclusively use certified fibres and high-quality sieving material that is particularly gentle on the horses’ hooves. In order for you to be sure that your equestrian arena surface is made from original stresan® – “Kirchhellener Sand”, all customers buying equestrian sand will receive a certificate of authenticity for their surface.


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stresan® – Our equestrian sand


Maintenance equipment


Foundation layer



How else can we be of assistance?


To ensure that you always receive stresan® on time and in the best condition, we offer our clients a stresan® premium delivery service, provided by our own fleet of vehicles. Our drivers are very experienced and specially trained to work on equestrian facilities. Even the most difficult driving routes and access conditions are no issues for us. We are able to tackle entrances to low arenas or narrow access routes thanks to our specially designed vehicles. We also want to offer stresan® at an attractive price to clients, who do not live close to our company. Therefore we also provide a more affordable stresan® STANDARD delivery service from 200 km distance onwards.

Get more information about the differences of our delivery variants:

Waste disposal

Equestrian surfaces have to be renewed after a certain amount of time. Whether it is natural sand or enhanced with chippings or fibres: We’ll cost-effectively collect your stresan® equestrian surfaces and professionally dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. By providing this service we want to avoid our customers having to pay more for the disposal than for the sand they have ordered. We will also dispose of sand and surface mixtures from other providers. Extra costs could, however, be incurred due to the often higher level of contamination from mixing in synthetic materials. When purchasing your equestrian surface you should therefore make sure that disposing of it will not become more expensive than buying it.


Take a look for yourself

distribution partner

Our distribution partner in Switzerland – MSW Parkway AG

We are offering our clients in Switzerland an excellent point of contact on-site: MSW Parkway AG, the Swiss market leader in the field of constructing riding arenas for private facilities and both national and international tournament events, is our official distribution partner for stresan®.

For over 20 years, the medium-sized company with its head office in Sursee has specialised in the construction of riding arenas and been responsible for prominent tournaments and events such as the CSI Zurich horse show and guest performances at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. References of our partner also include Lucerne racecourse and the CS Ranch in Givrins.

Before our special cooperation, MSW Parkway AG was our most important client in Switzerland. We have been supplying the company of Anton Waser since 1996 and are delighted that we have been able to acquire a distribution partner with such a level of expertise and past experience for our Swiss clients.

You can find more information about MSW Parkway AG here:



Let’s keep in touch!

Please use the contact form to order and for questions relating to our products and services. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Or call us on: +49 (0)2045 9542-0. Our distribution partner MSW Parkway AG in Switzerland is available on +41 41 921 7544.

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We can be found here

Sand pit

Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH
Geodata: 51.608101/6.887766


Head Office

Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 24 • 46244 Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany



Do you have any questions?

What distinguishes stresan® from other types of sand?

Equestrian sand must have very special characteristics in order to be used as a riding surface. Our stresan® sand is unique in that its fine stresan® grain-size curve creates an excellent water retention capacity. This reduces dust accumulation and only compresses the sand to such an extent that it offers the hoof optimal penetration and stability. Our stresan® also has a very high silica content. A silica grain has a high degree of hardness, making it more resistant to grain pulverisation and abrasion, both of which lead to the accumulation of dust. The minimal amount of slurry materials is also a sign of the high quality of our sand.

When should I use the stresan® online logo?

To enable you to show on first sight that you count on quality and safety with your equestrian sand, we developed our stresan® online logo for you. You can embed it in your website so that anybody can see, that you are riding on our stresan® – Kirchhellener Sand. You are very welcome to download the online logo with just one click at “Downloads”. We would be glad if you would give us short notice when you have embedded the online logo.

Is stresan® purely natural product?

We offer stresan® in a variety of mixtures. Depending on which discipline the surface is intended for and the requirements which need to be met, we mix fibres or screening material into the sand. Our stresan® A does not, however, contain any additives and is therefore a purely natural product.

Which equestrian disciplines is stresan® suitable for?

We can offer a suitable sand mixture for all equestrian disciplines. In case you can’t find what you are looking for with our standard mixtures, we will be happy to advise you regarding an individual mix.

What should be kept in mind when using stresan®?

When used outside, stresan® A (without additional materials) dispels excess water across the surface, making the construction of a drainage system under the riding surface unnecessary. However, this is only the case when your area has a lateral slope of 1 to 2%. The foundation of your riding arena must also be stable and have a sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Additionally, please ensure that there are no barriers at the end of the slope, as this can lead to a build-up of water. In contrast, our riding surfaces made from sand mixed with fibres and sieving material are very permeable to water and require suitable infrastructure.

A further measure which is important when using equestrian sand is regular maintenance. The best way to keep your surface in good condition can be found in our maintenance instruction guide which is available via our download area. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How is stresan® irrigated properly?

Irrigation is one of the regular maintenance actions which should be carried out. Advice regarding irrigation can be found in our maintenance instruction guide.


When should an equestrian surface be renewed?

The durability of an equestrian surface depends on many individual factors such as the regular and effective maintenance and the intensity of usage.

How can I order stresan®?

You can order stresan® by phone, email or by filling in the contact form on our website. We also distribute our equestrian sand via builders’ merchants and companies that construct equestrian arenas. If you wish to order via them please consider the following advice.

What should be kept in mind when having stresan® delivered from a distributor?

There is no guarantee that you will get original stresan® ─ “Kirchhellener Sand” when purchasing from a distributor or a company that constructs equestrian arenas as rights relating to the term “Kirchhellener Sand” cannot be protected. In order to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that you actually receive original stresan® ─ “Kirchhellener Sand” you should definitely make a point of asking for the stresan® brand and have this confirmed on your order.

By the way: Customers who order directly with us receive a certificate of authenticity. This verifies that original stresan® ─ “Kirchhellener Sand” from our own mining fields is delivered. Due to the impeccable reputation of our products we would like to offer owners of riding arenas the chance to use the certificate as a reference for their business.

However, if you do choose to order with a distributer, we can still provide you with the certificate of authenticity. All you need to do is send us a copy of your delivery note or invoice where stresan® is stated.

Are deliveries possible at short notice?

Yes. Due to owning our own fleet of vehicles we are not reliant on any service provider and can therefore respond quickly and flexibly to your requests.

How much does stresan® cost?

Information about our prices of our equestrian surface mixtures are available on request. Please fill in our contact form or give us a call.